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KnowHowDo Solutions, serves to provide users partners and clients with best-in-class tools and technology to create the most effective user experience when delivering lifestyle learning courses.

Serving diversified audiences via bespoke platforms our proprietary technology has been developed based on years of experience in the elearning space.

Working in alliance with our content creation teams, marketing experts and customer experience consultants, KnowHowDo solutions is continually optimizing, updating and creating technology in order to serve our in-house and external partner needs.


Our teams lead with the customer/user experience, whilst optimising the commercial and business requirements to serve a client’s needs. Automation, Data Analytics, CRM and Admin ease-of-use are our proficiency.

We work with course providers to supply learning management systems and delivery platforms that are tailor made to suit the requirements of our client and their end customers. KnowHowDo Solutions’ distinct advantage is our extensive experience direct within our own end users of the KnowHowDo brand. Incorporating these learnings, saves our clients critical time and resources from day one of the consultation.


Our sites, platforms and solutions projects are well into double digits and have grown beyond our lifestyle learning niche, based on client demands and trust in our elearning expertise. We have delivered over 250 courses, in multiple formats, to over 500,000 students across the world for our own brands alone. There is very little in the eleraning space we haven’t done – but we are always keen to try something new!


If you have a specific technology requirement and need help delivering an elearning solution across desktop, mobile or tablet environments, then we are your partner of choice. For professional, straight talking consultancy, development and delivery, KnowHowDo Solutions is always happy to scope your project requirements.

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KnowHowDo is a lifestyle learning content business.

We have mastered the creation of high-quality learning content, focused on ‘WANT-to-learn’ not ‘HAVE-to-learn’ subjects to suit every lifestyle. Delivered through impactful brands, via incisive, diversified channels to market, we have sold close to a million courses and we are only getting started…

KnowHowDo Merchants

Partnering with third-party distributors to monetize traffic in an innovative, relevant format that compliments traditional Ad revenues

KnowHowDo Studios

Dedicated to perfecting course structure, sourcing influential experts and filming entertaining, informative content

KnowHowDo Solutions

Technology created to optimise user experience, with advanced CRM tools and leading learning management systems

KnowHowDo Marketplace

Reaching up to 70m people worldwide, our specialised go-to-market channels have already sold over 1m lifestyle courses