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KnowHowDo Marketplace is the one area of our group that stands us apart. We have created a distribution network that consistently sells lifestyle courses to end users – generating revenue for ourselves and our partners. There is nothing more disappointing than to see creative experts deliver great content, but fail to sell it.

Selling over one million courses has not been easy, but we have been getting better with every single sale, perfecting how we identify, communicate and transact with the curious, self-improvers that are our audience. Our new monthly student numbers have grown consistently since inception and are approaching 15,000 per month. Those are paying customers, eager to learn new skills, develop underlying passions or pursue new vocations. Our reach exposes our courses to over 280M unique visitors a month.


We have diversified our target audiences within key sectors including pet care, beauty and fashion, crafts, health to name but a few. The brilliance of this diversity means that whilst we are able to specifically target learners in their chosen topic initially we are then able to maximise interest and find further relevant topics for our users to pursue. Our goal is to reach as many end users as possible with our content and our channels to market have expanded across a range of distribution models in both B2C and B2B end user audiences.

Global media distributors

Deal-site partners

Agencies and multinational publishers

Wider audiences

Global media distributors
Global media distributors
Global media distributors
Global media distributors


Are you a budding expert, influencer or subject guru, bursting with passion for your topic and want to share your love and skills with the world? Feel free to send us your details, including a short film reel with your course ideas (shoot it on your phone, quality at this stage is not too important) – and let’s see if we can help each other teach curious students new lifestyle skills!


KnowHowDo is a lifestyle learning content business.

We have mastered the creation of high-quality learning content, focused on ‘WANT-to-learn’ not ‘HAVE-to-learn’ subjects to suit every lifestyle. Delivered through impactful brands, via incisive, diversified channels to market, we have sold close to a million courses and we are only getting started…

KnowHowDo Merchants

Partnering with third-party distributors to monetize traffic in an innovative, relevant format that compliments traditional Ad revenues

KnowHowDo Studios

Dedicated to perfecting course structure, sourcing influential experts and filming entertaining, informative content

KnowHowDo Solutions

Technology created to optimise user experience, with advanced CRM tools and leading learning management systems

KnowHowDo Marketplace

Reaching up to 70m people worldwide, our specialised go-to-market channels have already sold over 1m lifestyle courses