The Proposition

To own and lead the online lifestyle learning space, from an established market position, capitalising on an international market opportunity with a proven exit strategy, in a high-growth consolidating market:

  • Premium video-based content
  • Employing multiple channels to market
  • Diversified brands to capitalise on wide audiences
  • Opportunities in content-hungry Media/SVOD markets

Investment Activity

The eLearning market sector was estimated to be worth $165 billion in 2015 and exceed $240 billion by 2023. Self-paced learning products make up $47bn of the overall space, with content accounting for $33bn of its value. Lifestyle-learning is an aggressively growing niche, estimated at between $1.25bn and $1.75bn.

Investment in Ed-tech/eLearning businesses saw over 400 deals, with c.$2bn invested worldwide, in 2016. Notable investments included $150m in Age of learning from Iconiq Capital and $60m in Udemy led by Naspers. The six leading lifestyle learning companies have attracted $442m since their inception, and has seen one of these, Craftsy, sold to NBC in May 2017 for an estimated $230m after just seven years trading.


KnowHowDo creates courses that people want to learn, rather than have to learn. Capitalising on consumer trends, the company is focused on sourcing content partners with established audiences and producing structured, high quality video content for consumption via multiple channels.

This approach maximises return and diversifies risk, whilst presenting social influencers and high profile experts with the opportunity to monetise their audiences through our dedicated learning brands. The commercial model seeks to amalgamate online audiences, creating a distinctive community of lifelong learners and satisfying a multitude of interests.

The Lifestyle Learning market is a fast growing, emerging market, underpinned by a significant investment appetite. The changing social behaviours, expectations and requirements in the consumer learning market suggest that content will be in high demand. KnowHowDo requires the equivalent, yet prudent, investment seen in competitors in order to capitalise on the opportunity.


NBC Universal acquire Craftsy

Creative live lands $25m

Napsers invest $60m in Udemy

Masterclass Raises $35m