KnowHowDo’s unique position to bring its content to market centres on a diversified distribution strategy. Using its owned brands and partner platforms, the focus is to maximise return on content investment opportunities and create multiple revenue lines in order to proliferate its owned or partner content.

Courses are created and launched in relevant go-to-market channels, which the group continues to build through established and emerging mediums or partnerships. An emphasis on filmed content opens up the potential to work with Streamed Video on Demand (SVOD) or media outlets that require high-end content.


Reaching consumer audiences through dedicated genre learning sites, powered by direct marketing and focused course campaigns


Utilising lifestyle content, delivered through a unique employee benefit proposition, to leverage the extensive corporate learning market


Working with large-scale channel partners to drive student numbers and capitalise on smart cross-sale and upsell opportunities


Creating content with the potential to scale and fit media models including streaming video on demand and other viable media outlets


Content is core to the business proposition. KnowHowDo is embracing the Social Influencer phenomenon to strengthen its content and continued relevance. Attracting skilled social influencers and experts with existing audiences to produce enter-train-ing content, maximises return and diversifies risk, whilst presenting these experts the opportunity to monetise their following or audiences through our dedicated learning brands. This unique commercial model seeks to assemble online audiences, creating a distinctive community of lifelong learners that can satisfy a multitude of interests



2.3m YouTube Subscribers


Life Coach

Published Author & TV/Media Contributor


Life Coach

Published Author & TV/Media Contributor


Make Up Artist

Beauty School Owner & Chanel Rep


Our technology and content creation hub, KnowHowDo Solutions, serves to provide the brands within the group with the best-in-class tools and materials to create the most effective User experience.

Serving diversified audiences on bespoke platforms, according to the channel to market, our proprietary technology has been developed based on years of experience in the elearning space. From advanced CRM tools, through to structured user flows and learning solutions, our technology is able to adapt and improve based on constant feedback from different market sectors.

Content creation is the critical focus for the group. Utilising content across multiple channels and tailoring learning to suit different outcomes, based on core subject areas maximises return on investment and diversifies risk. Our content creation is focused on high quality film that can be manipulated to serve differing audience needs. Conveying skills and learning in an optimised, fun and engaging fashion.


KnowHowDo brings together a seriously skilled bunch of talent from diverse backgrounds to ensure that our work is constantly evolving and challenging the norms. Our teams thrive on change and new ideas, taking learnings from all corners of our business internally and externally and ensuring that we deliver these to benefit all aspects of what we do.

Our ‘user-first’ approach has seen us build a loyal customer base across the whole business and we constantly strive to cater for the curious, self-learners who yearn knowledge and skills that will stimulate and improve their lifestyle. Our people live and breathe the lifestyle learning philosophy of continual improvement and open mindedness.