KnowHowDo is a lifestyle learning content business.

We have mastered the creation of high-quality learning content, focused on 'WANT-to-learn' not 'HAVE-to-learn' subjects to suit every lifestyle. Delivered through impactful brands, via incisive, diversified channels to market, we have sold close to a million courses and we are only getting started…

KnowHowDo Merchants

Partnering with Third-Party-Distributors to monetize traffic in an innovative, relevant format that compliments traditional Ad revenues

KnowHowDo Studios

Dedicated to perfecting course structure, sourcing influential experts and filming entertaining, informative content

KnowHowDo Solutions

Technology created to optimise user experience, with advanced CRM tools and leading learning management systems

KnowHowDo Marketplace

Reaching up to 70m people worldwide, our specialised go-to-market channels have already sold 1m lifestyle courses

KnowHowDo is a leader in the fast-growing online lifestyle learning sector.

Centred around innovative content creation, distributed through a distinctive family of brands, KnowHowDo has grown its database to over 500,000 paying customers since its inception in 2013. Capitalising on an insatiable consumer appetite to learn life-skills and new pastimes in engaged online communities, we continue to grow our reach and inspire new learners.

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A unique platform for social influencers to share their expertise and monetise audiences


Vocational and personal interest courses covering a wide range of topics


A female focused site, delivering courses around fashion, beauty, styling & interior design


Carrying courses centred on the expanding pet owner and animal lover audience


An employee benefit platform for Corporates to support staff in their personal interests


Training courses concentrated on careers in events, hospitality and occasions

250+ Courses
1m Sales
100+ Countries

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